In this podcast, we talk with our quality assurance experts about all things testing, whether it is manual functional testing, test automation, performance testing, or even security testing. You will hear about first-hand experiences with clients, testing methodologies and tools, and the trends and practices influencing the software development world from the eyes of Quality Assurance. Enjoy!

In this first pilot episode of the podcast, we talk with spriteCloud’s Chief Operations Officer, Martin Cunnington, Quality Assurance Engineer, Roel Wijker, and host, Marion Molliet, about Accessibility Testing. 

It might surprise you to know that between 15-20% of people (approximately 1 billion people) have a disability of some form. Accessibility Testing helps developers ensure that their application can reach this rather larger segment of their target group. Listen to Martin and Roel talk about the impetus for accessibility testing and their experiences in testing for accessibility. 

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