Press Release: spriteCloud Launches Subscription-Based Software Testing Services

Software Testing Subscription simplifies testing.

New monthly subscription service aims to make software quality assurance more consistent and affordable in the face of ever quicker software release cycles.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 2nd, 2020 – spriteCloud B.V., an Amsterdam based software testing and cybersecurity services provider, announces the launch of a Software Testing Subscription service. The new subscription model allows clients to create a custom testing service bundle that meets their specific software testing needs. Called a Test Stack, this modular service package consists of a flexible blend of functional testing, test automation, performance & load testing, and cybersecurity testing which are purchased on a recurring monthly basis. This new subscription service gives customers the best mix of software testing services for their teams at the best possible price. The result is higher quality software and a better customer experience through more consistent software testing.

spriteCloud’s Software Testing Subscription service is for organisations that generate significant portions of their revenue from mobile, desktop, or web applications. Service subscribers assemble their Test Stack by determining which testing services they require, the number of days of work they want for each testing service, and the length of the subscription period. The Test Stack can be adjusted throughout the duration of the subscription to better fit the changing test requirements of the project and organisation as necessary. spriteCloud consultants are on hand to provide support and expert advice for the creation of the Test Stack. The minimum Software Testing Subscription period is three months, and spriteCloud incentivizes continuous testing with discounts: the more testing a client requests, the greater the discount.

“Market research indicates that we are the first software testing organisation to offer testing services in a subscription model in the Netherlands,” says Digital Marketing Specialist Travis Hatridge. spriteCloud CEO Andy McDowell explains that “the move to a subscription-based model of service delivery is born out of 10 years of experience and expertise in software testing. spriteCloud works with a wide range of organisations – from lean start-ups to large multinational enterprises – and we have seen many examples, at every level, of how software product quality and customer experience suffer when testing is not undertaken consistently.”

Software development methodologies like Agile have taken over the industry, and DevOps, which advocates even faster release cycles, is quickly being adopted. The demand for more frequent software releases and faster development schedules is putting increasing pressure on development and quality assurance teams. “This is the nature of software development now, and quality assurance must change in step,” says Andrew McDowell. “Our new Software Testing Subscription service is designed to provide a flexible and affordable solution to this problem while promoting consistency in software testing.”

spriteCloud’s proprietary SaaS product,, plays a central role in the provision of the Software Testing Subscription service. As a centralised, cloud-based reporting and monitoring tool for test results data, enables development teams to stay up to date on the current health of the codebase as well as compare test results (past and present) to easily identify regressions. Testing results created throughout the subscription period are reported to clients using this tool. This provides teams with the speed feedback required by DevOps practices. For more information about spriteCloud’s Software Testing Subscription service visit

About spriteCloud B.V.

spriteCloud B.V. is an independent software and cybersecurity testing company headquartered in Amsterdam. Founded in 2009, the company specialises in providing quality assurance testing services including functional testing, test automation, performance & load testing, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, plus test management and consultancy services. For more information, visit You can also follow and engage with spriteCloud via LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flipboard,  Facebook, and GitHub.


Developed, maintained and supported by spriteCloud B.V., is a DevOps tool for test results monitoring. Test results are reported on a central dashboard, allowing all stakeholders to share, compare, and analyse them. enables the entire team to share the responsibility of quality assurance. comes in free and paid subscription versions. Visit  for more information or to create an account.


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Written by: Travis Hatridge

Travis is the Marketing Manager at spriteCloud. He has an MSc in Marketing and a background in content marketing. He enjoys cooking, travelling, and long walks through the forest.

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