With spriteCloud’s remote testing project execution method, you get our software testing expertise while only buying the time you need for a significantly more cost-effective price than a local resource solution. Project execution via remote testing solves a long-standing problem of quality assurance and software testing, hiring testers only for changes in the project to force them to lay idle.

Our remote testing services executed via our project-based delivery methods of testing is meant to simplify testing. We offer simplicity, flat rates, and flexibility to suit modern businesses as their development projects grow and shrink at a moment’s notice. We can offer remote testing for our functional/manual testing and test automation services.

Locally managed, remotely executed

Each remotely executed project is made up of a local Test Manager and a team of remote Test Engineers, based on your project requirements. Our test managers are based locally in Amsterdam, our test engineers are based remotely in our technology office in Kyiv (Kiev). 

Local Test Manager

Your primary contact for all functional/manual testing and test automation services. They know your team culture and your expectations. The Test Manager commits an hour per day to scheduling resources as well as various other management and administrative tasks related to your project.

Remote Test Engineer(s)

Our team of spriteCloud remote Test Engineers are committed to 8 hours per day to meeting your testing requirements from our technology office in Kyiv (Kiev). Our test engineers are industry certified practitioners with commercial experience in testing web and mobile applications.

Amsterdam, Kiev, and the Cloud

Our Test Managers are based locally in Amsterdam, our Test Engineers are based remotely in Kiev, and your test results are delivered via the cloud using our test results dashboard, Calliope.pro. Calliope bridges the gap between testers, developers, DevOps, quality assurance managers, and product owners by allowing each stakeholder to share, compare, and monitor test results in one central location.

Your development team can stay on the same page by:

  • Reporting all test results in a centralized point for all to see.
  • Sharing error reports and screenshots amongst team members for quick action.
  • Visualizing test results over time for quick health assessments.
  • Increasing collaboration with all stakeholders aware of the health of the project.
Overview of Calliope.pro projects dashboard

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Remote testing is a highly cost-effective approach to executing quality assurance and software testing projects. Get in touch with us via the contact form below and we can help you set up a project with remote testing.

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