Vulnerabilities are discovered all the time. Some are relatively minor, and others are so critical you might as well have left the key in the door. Without regularly monitoring these vulnerabilities, your organisation is likely to find itself a victim of a cyberattack.

  • 38% of companies say they have lost business due to customer concerns on security [1].
  • The average cost of a data breach was approximately $3.86 million, with $1.56 million in lost business alone [2].
  • Two-thirds of businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees have experienced a cyberattack [3].

Clearly, action needs to be taken. But how can you discover these vulnerabilities in a way that is both quick and affordable?

Automated Vulnerability Scanner​

spriteCloud’s automated test result monitoring and reporting dashboard, Calliope Pro, was created to turn the confusion of dozens or hundreds of automated test runs into organised test information where feature development and product release decisions could be made with confidence.

BurpSuite Professional
Nessus Professional

Our new vulnerability scanning feature called Brazen Sentry allows organisations to receive enterprise-level infrastructure and web application vulnerability scanning without paying enterprise-level prices. Regular vulnerability scanning provides your team of software developers and IT administrators the insights needed to monitoring critical systems for new vulnerabilities and the information required to address the vulnerabilities based on their priority.

Dashboards for
better organisation

As the SUT (System Under Test) grows, so does the number of components and environments being tested. This has the potential of turning hundreds of test results into an unorganised mess where the data you need for decision-making is hard to find.

Calliope Pro + Brazen Sentry helps organise test results so the result of recent scans is at your dev team’s fingertips.

Dashboards to organise vulnerability data.

Prioritize on severity

Prioritize results based on severity

Prioritise on severity

Simply knowing there is a vulnerability is not enough, the dev team needs to know the severity of vulnerabilities to know where to prioritise their efforts.

Brazen Sentry uses Nessus and BurpSuite’s professional database of CVE* to give you the most up-to-date information on which vulnerabilities require your immediate attention.

Daily, weekly, or
monthly scanning

Vulnerability scanning is often your first line of defense against security flaws and cybercrime. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists.

Brazen Sentry provides your organisation with the flexibility to choose the frequency of vulnerability scans to fit your security policy and budget.

Daily, weekly, monthly scanning frequency

Immediate insight
into vulnerabilities

Immediate insight
into vulnerabilities

Using Calliope Pro’s advanced data visualisation features, you can get immediate insight into the results of the latest Brazen Sentry vulnerability scan.

See at a glance if there are new vulnerabilities found or a high number of critical vulnerabilities that need your immediate attention. 

Track vulnerabilities
over time

As your web applications and infrastructure develop over time, there is the chance that a vulnerability once fixed could once again become an issue. 

Using Brazen Sentry from Calliope Pro gives your team the insights needed to correlate recent updates to new and past vulnerabilities using our timeline of scan results.

Penetration testing
at a discount

Penetration testing
at a discount

The ability to scan for vulnerabilities in a cost-effective and flexible manner is already incredibly important for the security of your organisation.

But what happens when you need to further cybersecurity testing?

With a Brazen Sentry subscription, you get discounts and priority status on our enterprise-level penetration testing services and our cybersecurity consulting.

Discover your vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do.

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