spriteCloud supporting charities: Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp

Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp 2017
Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp 2017

Charity – “an organization set up to provide help for those in need.”

It sounds simple, but spriteCloud is more than testing alone. Recently spriteCloud heard about an organisation where one of the Spritey’s does volunteer work: the Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp.

In short, Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp is a camp for children in the Velsen area of North Holland. The organisation is non-profit and provides vacation opportunities to children who come from families without the means to pay for one themselves.

The organisation provides 3 days of fun holiday and sports activities with limited resources. Lead by volunteers who invest their time and resources, the camp has a 60-year history and hopes to continue for many more years to come. This year’s camp, held from June 3 to June 5 2017, hosted 45 children for 3 days.

Because organisations like Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp can always use a push, spriteCloud decided to support the cause. This helps to ensure that in the future, the camp will be able to set up again and again and children will have a place to enjoy themselves!

Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp 2017's new tents

The Spritey involved with Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp, Marco Gorter, helps to organise and run the camp once a year. He said, “With the support we got this year from spriteCloud, we were able to replace some tents and buy new sports equipment that was used during the camp activities.”

To get in contact with or to find out how to get involved with Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp, write to wopsietopsiekamp@gmail.com


  • Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp Facebook: Wopsie Topsie on Facebook
  • Wopsie Topsie Kinderkamp Google +: Wopsie Topsie on Google+
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