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API Framework Requirements

In Web API Versioning we mentioned in passing that we’ve been developing our own, miniature web application framework specifically for easily building web APIs. Today, we’d like to present the rationale and feature set in more detail.

If you build a new web-based application, chances are you’re going to reach for Rails or Express, because they’ll get you started quickly. But there’s are a number of drawbacks with doing that, which tend to manifest themselves only partway into your project.

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The Rising Recognition of Software QA

Tech blogger Kris Köhntopp was interviewed by the German language PHP magazin on his Google+ post on the Heartbleed bug. I’m not going to comment on the interview much, except to mention it’s title:

Qualitätssicherung bei Software ist alles andere als ein gelöstes Problem

Or, in English:

Quality Assurance in software is anything but a solved problem

Well, he’s right. The problem isn’t of course that we don’t have tools and processes to deal with QA. The problem he refers to is that those tools and processes rarely encompass all software any given business relies on.

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node.js database migration

When you make your career using FOSS software, you’re always itching to some day give back to this awesome community of individuals that gave you that software. Here at spriteCloud, we’re no different.

As an individual, all you can do is spend your spare time learning and improving FOSS software. Arguably that is the most valuable contribution one can make to the community, but as a company, you can do just a little more: you can create a culture of giving back.

We’ve started something we’re really excited about (no details yet), and in doing so decided that we’ll open source every part of it that we can open source. We’ll do so bit by bit, and on no fixed schedule, but we have a few things in mind already.

For today, let’s make a small start with node-any-db-migrate

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Reputation. Meet spriteCloud

Find out today why startups, SMBs, enterprises, brands, digital agencies, e-commerce, and mobile clients turn to spriteCloud to help improve their customer experiences. And their reputation. With complete range of QA services, we provide a full service that includes test planning, functional testing, test automation, performance testing, consultancy, mobile testing, and security testing. We even have a test lab — open to all our clients to use — with a full range of devices and platforms. Discover how our process can boost your reputation.

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