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The new way of testing

This week, Hozan Said, our new Business Development Manager, talks about his impression of spriteCloud’s working culture.

I joined spriteCloud at the beginning of June and my first impression was really positive. The team wanted to make me feel at home. During the day, the CEO and COO and my new colleagues asked me several times if I was doing well and if I needed anything. It was an amazing environment. What attracted my attention was the mentality: work hard, play hard. Everybody has so much fun together, but they work hard too, so it doesn’t impact the quality of what they do. On the first day, we had lunch together, played table football, and tried out the VR stuff that we are testing. A whole new world was opening up for me! It was amazing to see how much freedom everybody gets, and that there is no hierarchy. They told me from the first day: “Please try new things, don’t be scared. If you fail, you fail and you learn. If you get good results, you will get a nice commission.”

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An internship at spriteCloud

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Recruitment

We’re hearing from spriteCloud’s Commercial team again this week. Our new Marketing Intern, Rebecca Hogg, talks about what she has learned in her first month.

Learning the value of software testing

When I joined spriteCloud a little under one month ago, I was a total beginner when it came to software testing. The concept is seemingly easy to explain, but as I’ve learned, it goes much deeper. For example, did you know how many different things you can test when it comes to software? spriteCloud provides services such as functional testing, test automation, performance and load testing and mobile testing, and it doesn’t stop there. I knew software was complicated, but this is a real specialty. I’m still only scratching the surface when it comes to fully understanding what software testing is, but what I have learned has taught me that testing is a vital step in the software development life cycle.

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The testing recruitment Challenge

Monday, starting the week with another day in recruitment, where you hope that your inbox will be filled with good CV’s of software testers. Not only non-EU candidates but also Dutch speaking testers with test automation skills. Unfortunately for me, the market has flipped totally from a client driven market to a candidate driven market. And my inbox is almost empty.

Instead, the good software testers have an inbox full of incredible job opportunities. They get to choose between different companies to work for. Most testers nowadays get a headache of recruiters and are annoyed by constantly being phoned at work during the day.

As the talent acquisition specialist of spriteCloud in this market, recruitment is a time-consuming and grafting exercise. To find the testers I want to hire (YOU!) I need to fish and source extensively.

But after the fishing, sourcing and interviewing you every so often find someone who actually is a good fit, and has the skills we are looking for. Then you have to get them in. The negotiation starts and the offering of the right competitive contract is key with nice employee benefits. In this market it is not only about the money. Remuneration is one thing and every company has a cap. And lets be honest; beyond a certain amount of money, people are not motivated to work harder or perform better.

People are mostly motivated by secondary benefits like:

  • Flexible/part-time working hours
  • Training and personal development
  • The latest, most powerful hardware
  • Newest technical environments
  • Time off work to attend conferences
  • Etc. etc.

Fortunately spriteCloud’s secondary benefits have a competitive edge. And that makes my job rewarding instead of frustrating. I can tell our candidates that we have great clients: Heineken, adidas and G-Star RAW. That we do game testing and VR testing. That the opportunity to cross train in load testing or pentesting is possible. That we have our own open source test automation platform and our own test lab with a broad range of different devices. All assets to show why it is so much fun to work at spriteCloud.

So, if you are interested to know more and want to be part of the test community spriteCloud contact me, and I will tell you much more about our great company.

Patricia van Boxtel
Talent acquisition

Cloud bullying

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Recruitment

My alien has returned to his own planet, leaving me with a re-organized brain and a manual. That gives me enough space upstairs to think about strategy, namely: why would a brilliant tester want to work at spriteCloud? Good question!

In search of some inspiration for my weekly blog, the morning news brought an interesting article; bullying at work is a costly affair and more than one million people are victims of some kind of bullying. How sad is that? I personally think the real figures are much higher, more of an iceberg effect.

Bullying is costing our society and organizations billions, because people call in sick much more, and are less productive, because they are less motivated. On top of that, managers are reason number one why people leave an organization. That is the other cause of a huge amount of extra costs.

So much for the process and cost optimization in those companies. I figure much of those managers are bullies themselves. We at spriteCloud see that as personal and professional incompetence and that is why we don’t have managers. Just our board of the three musketeers, the owners and also our brilliant testers themselves. Of course we make fun of each other at times, but we respect each other and motivate and stimulate each other where necessary and we never have to ask to get some help.

That’s why after my Suits disaster last week, I could watch the complete series last weekend, thanks to my dear colleague Stephan, our financial controller. He has promised me the rest of the series as well. (I won’t be available for any social activities for the next couple of weeks.) You see, that is what we call good fellowship and that is why we love working here; we don’t bully, we communicate.

Could the above be reasons why testers want to work at spriteCloud?

Let me know what you think.

Cloud organization

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Recruitment

My third week and something upstairs is happening. It feels like something is sorting and rearranging all information. A bit like the alien in “Men in Black II” in the post office. But because it feels like I outsourced it to an alien as well, there is a strange feeling going on between starting to make some sense now, but still no idea where in my head that came from. I hope the alien doesn’t forget to leave a user manual behind!

Anyway, week three and some rhythm is kicking in, but writing a blog in this state of (dis)organization is a different story.

Usually enthusiasm, initiative and spontaneity are my most valued characteristics, but right now a reorganizing alien in my personal cloud upstairs is giving me a writer’s block. You all remember that moment where you really wished that some of your characteristics weren’t so dominant? Mine was my enthusiastic and spontaneous “YES!” Now what?

I really love the series Suits. I am a big fan of Harvey and Louis (and Donna, I love Donna), so I installed myself in weekend mode on the couch and there was my inspiration. I always record the episodes, because I hate commercials. I hit the button for record and … nothing happened, the hard drive got stuck. Not the first time, it happens regularly lately – with the provider who claims to have been chosen the best provider in the Netherlands. Now I’m starting to wonder.

The thing is, you lose customers if you don’t have your services in place. For me this is a deal breaker and this example shows how important it is to test your software. Time to transfer to another provider. Hopefully they do test their software and I can watch Harvey anytime I want.

What are your most valued characteristics as a tester?

Cloud party

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Recruitment

I survived my first week and let me tell you my head was filled with information. Best to be described as complete chaos upstairs. You know that feeling when you know that you know, but you have no idea where to find it? It is somewhere in that grey mass and hidden between all other information, but at this stage there is no logic to finding it.

Luckily we had a long weekend and I thought that would give me the chance to clear that chaos inside my brain, but it spiralled into worse. During eating, sleeping and while breathing, ideas tried to access my chaos. Questions wanted to join the party upstairs as well. They all succeeded. Panic came over me – how am I going to find new colleagues who fit within this diverse bunch, with the absolute demand that they want to be the best, because we want to be the best? So, don’t ask me how my weekend was, because I don’t remember. All memory space was already taken by the chaos party, no space left.

I need to have a strategy, because I have to compete with all the other brilliant recruiters who know everything there is to know about bug testing and use Big Data to find you (yeah, I hear you laugh, you testers out there).

The thing is, I have no prior knowledge of bug testing and asking around a bit, the general opinion of “recruiters” isn’t really positive either, putting it mildly.

My ‘Eureka!’ moment came during my first company meeting with pizza and beer. I got the chance to meet all my colleagues together and listen to their updates and stories, and experience the positive atmosphere. Being part of this bunch of people is actually a kind of special, because they all have a story to tell that is out of the ordinary.

And we love being extraordinary! How about you? Let me know!

We eat, sleep, live, breathe bug testing

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Recruitment

So I was told when applying for the position of IT recruiter at spriteCloud in Amsterdam.

But first, let’s go back to the beginning. That was the moment I decided to give up my independence and commit myself to a company as an employee. Now, being a bit of a rebel, the challenge was to find a company who actually likes that part of my personality in combination of course with my endless wisdom and knowledge of recruitment 😉

Recruitment is my passion, but that only works in the right environment that suits my personality. And then I saw the vacancy and I remember telling the consultant after she told me about these people, that she was describing my job. It was, because it’s mine now.

When I started last Monday, I immediately felt welcome. At first glance you might think this bunch of people have nothing in common and were picked at random. They are totally different from each other. Then my boss Martin came in with a large box and opened it, there was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. It was made by Leontine in her free weekend especially for me and let me tell you, I am quite picky, but this was the best cake I have ever tasted. We all agreed that she would be the winner of next season “heel Holland bakt”. That would never happen, was her firm reply. (Lucky contenders, they would have otherwise never been able to win.) So we decided we make the cake one of our best USP’s. The cake alone would be reason enough to want to work at spriteCloud.

And then I got it, after talking to my new colleagues. We embrace diversity and we accept and respect each other for who we are, with all the issues and bugs all of us possess and boy, do we have bugs. One person’s bug is the another one’s talent and what bonds and binds us is our obsessive drive for quality and wanting to be the best in what we do, always!

We mix that with good fellowship, humour, passion and the love for good food. E.g. Tuesday is international soup day – we try to soup from around the world.

So now I understand what “we eat, sleep, live and breathe bug testing” means!

Oh, by the way, you bug testers out there, you are welcome to challenge Leontine’s testing skills any time or Andy’s, Mark’s, Martin’s, Daniel’s, Gijs’s, Carlos’s, Claudia’s, Mark’s, Roelof’s, Rubeena’s, Wilco’s or Vamsi’s for that matter. You win? You get your own cake.

Talk to you next week!

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