Web API Versioning

Note: this post was not originally published as part of the Code Design series, but fits quite well. Today’s CommitStrip summarizes quite neatly why sensible API versioning is a must if you don’t want to annoy your customers. It goes without saying that annoying your customers is a bad idea. There are reasons this happens […]

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node.js database migration

When you make your career using FOSS software, you’re always itching to some day give back to this awesome community of individuals that gave you that software. Here at spriteCloud, we’re no different. As an individual, all you can do is spend your spare time learning and improving FOSS software. Arguably that is the most […]

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activerecord has_many :through relationship

There are a good number of different join models with Rails, some more complicated than others. One of my favorite is has_many :through, it lets you join two models together using a separate join table which can also hold extra attributes for that join. So… a release has many test cases, but a test case […]

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