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On this page are our various articles and posts that relate to the various software testing methods and our experiences with testing over the years. Our testers are deeply knowledgeable on a wide variety of testing topics which has allowed spriteCloud to create a fairly extensive blog on software testing, quality assurance, DevOps, cybersecurity, and test automation.


Here you can find articles ranging from things like managing remote working testers and developers, an explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of test automation, test automation in CI/CD, and an article describing the differences between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.


Scroll through this page to see many interesting articles about software testing or click on the individual sub-categories for more specific topics. These are sub-categories that coincide with the software testing services and areas of expertise we maintain at spriteCloud. These sub-categories cover the topics of test automation, performance and load testing, mobile app testing, agile and DevOps, and cybersecurity testing.


Evaluating the success of test automation; can it really be done with metrics?

Evaluating the success of test automation is a lot like pagan mystic voodoo; there is a lot of activity involved, much chanting and ranting; and a fair amount of ritual, with the end result being completely valid, or highly dubious. We here would all believe that there is value in automation, otherwise we wouldn’t be …

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Put Software Quality Assurance in it’s Place!

Here at spriteCloud HQ, we all share the same background story. Details vary wildly, of course, but some or all of the following holds true for each one of us: We’ve all worked at companies where software quality assurance didn’t exist. We’ve worked at companies where it didn’t exist, yet some people maintained it did. …

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Managing EC2 instances

Overview This post covers the basics of managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) instances. Amazon EC2 service is the most well known cloud service operator providing computing instances and cloud storage in both Europe and the US. The service is charged by the hour of usage for the computing resources and by …

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Does “process” have to mean “control” which is seen as “bad”?

Late last week I had the pleasure of visiting a startup that is doing some very interesting things in the social network/online community web space. Like most 2.0 web development shops they consist of a small high performance technical team that work side-by-side a non technical team, each of whom all share equal responsibility for …

Does “process” have to mean “control” which is seen as “bad”? Read More »

What’s the real value in QA for cloud consumer services?

I got to thinking about this – again for the umpteenth time – during an informal lunch conversation with a group of developers and QA’ers discussing challenges in their jobs. This friend of mine, who is a very senior individual at his social network startup, was telling us a story about the problems that he …

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