Performance and Load Testing

This category holds all blog posts relating to Performance and Load Testing. This is a topic especially important for eCommerce and media platforms. Have a look at the posts here and be sure to check out the main category page for all of the blog posts relevant to software testing.

An Introduction to Chaos Engineering

An Introduction to Chaos Engineering with Prashant Singh

Curious to understand how your software systems can withstand turbulent and unexpected conditions? Learn from Prashant how you can perform experiments to put these systems to the test to help you create better and more robust end results. By purposefully introducing failures or chaos into your systems, the development team can build robust systems that …

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Shift-Left Performance Testing

Shift-Left in Performance Testing

What is the meaning of ‘shift-left’? If you work in the software industry, the chances that you have heard about the ‘shift-left’ approach are very high. For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘shifting-left’ means doing activities in lower environments or earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Now the question arises, ‘what kind of activities?’ …

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eCommerce Testing: best practices for higher conversions

Best practices for testing ecommerce platforms.

Table of Contents For most retail businesses, the holiday shopping season is typically the most important period of the year to earn revenue. In some cases this is also when they get the most of their yearly revenue.  To do this though, a seamless user experience is key. When a small inconvenience in the order …

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Performance, Load and Stress Testing

When we talk about either of performance, load and stress testing, we sometimes encounter confusion about the three terms. No wonder, since they all involve the same tools and techniques! And to make matters worse, we ourselves often lump them together under the “perf & load” label. But while all three test methods share similar …

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