Testing Tools and Languages

Software testing is a profession that varies on a weekly and monthly basis. One week our testers will be working on integration testing on a large eCommerce platform that uses Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, the next week they may work on setting up a mobile app test automation suite for a start-up.  The life of a software testers means being adaptable, proactive, and constantly learning new skills. Our testers are constantly using their time ‘on the bench’ to build their knowledge and train themselves.


Over the years our testers have documented their experiences with learning new programming and scripting languages as well as evaluating testing tools. This is useful because it means that you can read a review of a testing tools and decided whether they could be useful for you, without have to invest all that time yourself.


Have a look at our review of some test automation tools which included, TestCafe, Cypress.io, and Detox. Also, be sure to have a look at our Python, Ruby and Cucumber/Gherkin language sub-categories.


Cucumber Basics: Gherkin and Files

Introduction In our post on the topic of Cucumber, we provided a complete setup guide for cucumber and related packages on Windows. This week, we’re going to cover the basics of cucumber. You’ll learn about what each file in a test suite means, and you will write test scenarios in Gherkin structured English.

Announcing spriteCloud Calliope

We’re excited to announce the release of our test automation product spriteCloud Calliope! spriteCloud Calliope is the culmination of our years of experience with helping our customers integrate test automation into their development process. When we provide automated testing services, we typically use cucumber with our own LapisLazuli extensions. Between them, these tools tackle the …

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Cucumber Testing in Cross-Functional Teams

Here at spriteCloud we love cucumber. It’s a test framework for behaviour driven development (BDD), that is a development practice that includes testing during development. We love it so much we’ve created a Cucumber and Gherkin Guide to combine our experience into on resource. BDD is slightly different from other test methodologies in that it’s …

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Ruby in Web test automation – The Questions

How come Ruby ?   There are several important Ruby projects, which are also increasing the popularity of the Ruby language in general: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/libraries/ The most interesting projects from my (and this blog posts) point of view are Watir and Ruby on Rails, the former from a testers point of view, the latter from web …

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RubyonRails Freebsd 8.0 RC1

Building a Ruby on Rails test server on FreeBSD 8.0 RC1 We’re a Ruby on Rails shop at our place and we work on a number of different platforms for developing and testing our stuff; the devs normally work on macs, while the staging environment – this week – is Ubuntu’s Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) distribution. However I’m …

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