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Find out today why startups, SMBs, enterprisesbrandsdigital agenciese-commerce, and mobile clients turn to spriteCloud to help improve their customer experiences. And their reputation. With a complete range of QA services, we provide a full service that includes test planning, functional testingtest automationperformance testingconsultancy, mobile testing, and security testing, as either a project or placing one of our testers in your team for a determined period of time. We even have a test lab — open to all our clients to use — with a full range of devices and platforms. Discover how our process can boost your reputation.



Functional testing from spriteCloud

Functional Testing

A core area of our expertise, we handle functional testing projects that range from short, fast, campaign-driven web sites to large-scale, multi-lingual, multi-functional corporate web sites. Find out how we can help you.

Test automation consultancy and training from spriteCloud

Test Automation

We offer test automation consultancy and training, using BDD techniques and the Ruby/Cucumber stack. We also offer, our TA dashboard – independent of any test solution, it unifies your results to share.

Testing consultancy for short and long term projects.


spriteCloud staff have ISTQB and/or TMap NEXT certificates, plus Professional Scrum Master training. We deliver testing consultancy for long and short duration projects using your choice of development methodology.


Penetration testing at spriteCloud

Security Testing

You’re in safe hands with our highly experienced spriteCloud security professionals. We’re the experts at uncovering vulnerabilities such as SQL injections and XSS thread through thorough penetration testing.

Performance, Load and Stress testing with spriteCloud

Performance & Load

spriteCloud is a Performance & Load test specialist and an authorised Loadstorm partner. We build scenarios, run load tests and analyse results to support customers in the field. Enquire about how we can help you.

Agile Testing - testing for bugs within an agile workflow.

Agile Testing

Collaboration between stakeholders — including managers, developers, testers, and customers — throughout the production process that isn’t found in a traditional waterfall workflow. Become more agile.

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Benefits of spriteCloud

  • Flexible: we do the job, any time, any place.
  • Fast: need some testing now, we’ll make it happen.
  • Quality: we do what we love and we do it well.
  • Satisfaction: we aren’t satisfied unless you are.
  • Affordable: testing shouldn’t break the bank.

The spriteCloud Process

  • Define the scope

    The first phase after you have contacted us is to define the scope. Our QA checklist, in combination with functional design, wireframe and design sketches, will help us define your requirements. And highlight the browsers, devices, configurations and countries in which you will operate.

  • Write the proposal

    Next, we write a proposal that outlines the scope, timing and costs. This is a useful exercise as it offers a clear picture of what is possible, and not possible, in the time scale and within the proposed budget. When both parties are happy and have double-checked proposal against the QA checklist, we then ask for a sign off from the client and the project can begin with a clear overview of what is expected.

  • Project kick-off meeting

    There are many ways to test, and many different ways to interpret testing, so we make sure we thoroughly discuss the approach with our customers. We also established the main contact people and their preferred way to communicate with each other. This can be Skype, a scrum call, or whatever works best.


  • Detailed planning and project start

    We also create a detailed plan at this stage to manage everyone’s expectations going forward. The planning is also very realistic and flexible and considers the expectation of the unexpected. If, for example, there is a flood of bugs on the first day, we can halt the process and re-plan accordingly.
    When both sides are happy with the planning and the scope we start the project, where everybody involved in the project is invited to a scrum call. Here the testers who will get to work on your project discuss in detail what they will do each day.

  • End of day test report

    At the end of each day, we write up an end of day report. This highlights what we’ve found, and what’s completed and provides complete transparency each day about where we are on the project. As well as updating you daily on the progress of the testing, if there are high-priority blockers or critical issues we will report them straight away.

  • Post-test report

    When the project is complete, we’ll send you a highly detailed report on all our completed test activities. We also provide a post-project review that provides a useful analysis for future test projects.


Case Studies

Ahold Delhaize
DDB Tribal
G-Star RAW
Martijn van Egmond

“We have done it, and we have done it to a standard, that we simply could not have achieved without spriteCloud.”

Martijn van Egmond | Ecommerce Manager | O'Neill

Mark C. Rutter

“Over the course of many challenging technical projects for major brands, SpriteCloud and its staff have demonstrated their skills, and have become a trusted partner and welcome addition to our teams.”

Mark C. Rutter | QA Manager | BlastRadius

Joost Kroese

“SpriteCloud is a welcome, enthusiastic and dedicated addition to our team. They give the projects that last push, making sure our crazy productions are technically sound and ready to be let loose into the wild.”

Joost Kroese | Senior Producer | Isobar