Test Automation

Test Automation as a Service

Test Automation

Tried-and-tested test automation solutions in customisable packages

spriteCloud are specialists with a wealth of expertise in frameworks such as Cucumber, Watir and Selenium. We ready to lead you to test automation (TA) success. Whether you want to get your in-house suite off the ground, or want us to take set-up, build and maintenance completely off your hands, we’ll use our knowledge of the best tools and methodologies to help you create the finest experience for your customers.


Calliope.pro is a dashboard, independent of any test solution, that unifies your TA results to share with the world. You can also use it to start and schedule test execution, so that you can easily integrate test automation in your CI/CD pipeline. Calliope.pro is for Software testers, Developers and Product Owners/Managers. Its use is of benefit to the whole team.

Test Automation as a Service

Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS) is the focus of our approach because it takes TA further. It places set-up, development and maintenance in the hands of the experts, making your testing quicker and much more cost-effective. You no longer need to investigate vendors and buy expensive licenses, set up test automation hardware or learn new programming languages. We manage the complete TA process for you.

TAaaS also increases your test coverage to reduce risk and maximises your long-term return on investment. You can quickly assess your site or app’s functionality, freeing up your testers for those projects that require direct interaction.

TA Consultancy

If you’d like to host your test automation in-house, we have the solutions and expertise to help you implement TA within your company from Day One. spriteCloud Test Automation Consultants are available to help with your projects on a short and long-term basis, on your technology or ours. We’ll tailor our approach to ensure your goals are met.

We can help with:

  • Conducting a feasibility study to assist you in creating a test automation strategy
  • Handling the complete setup of your in-house test automation suite
  • Integrating Calliope.pro into your system for faster results and higher ROI
  • Maintaining your test automation suite on a short or long-term basis
  • Providing training in test automation setup and maintenance and Calliope.pro

Contact us for more information about our TA Consultancy services today.

Our TA approach

TA infographic

  1. Getting started: Are you thinking about test automation for your software development project but don’t know how to start?
  2. Orientation: An experienced TA Architect from spriteCloud will use the right knowledge and tools to help you to get a clear picture of the TA challenge and its possibilities.
  3. Plan and scope: Together with the relevant stakeholders, the TA Architect delivers a plan for the test automation approach, to which all parties can contribute and review.
  4. Proof of concept: One of spriteCloud TA Engineers automates the first test scenarios. Within days, a demo is given that presents the test suite, including the test setup and complete test infrastructure.
  5. Automation: The spriteCloud TA Engineer completes the agreed scope, and at the end, another demo is given to show the results.
  6. Maintenance: The automated test scenarios are now in the maintenance stage. spriteCloud offers a very cost effective maintenance service to keep the scripts running and the value of your TA investment high.
  7. Training, workshops and handover: We can give TA training and workshops to internal staff to ensure a smooth handover and continuation of automated testing.
  8. Test suite development: The scope can be reduced or increased at any time after the planning phase has begun.

Contact us for more information about our TA approach today.

Reputation. Meet spriteCloud

Find out today why startups, SMBs, enterprises, brands, digital agencies, e-commerce, and mobile clients turn to spriteCloud to help improve their customer experiences. And their reputation. With complete range of QA services, we provide a full service that includes test planning, functional testing, test automation, performance testing, consultancy, mobile testing, and security testing. We even have a test lab — open to all our clients to use — with a full range of devices and platforms. Discover how our process can boost your reputation.

We have successfully used the test automation of spriteCloud for regression testing and monitoring of business critical functionality. Because of this we can detect a problem before a client does.

Coen Zwarts - Manager beheer at stichting Bibliotheek.nl

Using the test automation framework initially setup by spriteCloud we discover bugs earlier in our CI development process, resulting in a much more cost efficient and faster software release process.

Bernard Rutgrink - Manager software development - Geotax

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