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Big-name test consultancy services for a competitive price

The top tier of our management team is made up of testing practitioners each with decades of experience in the IT industry and senior/director level roles in the field of testing.

Our senior testers are also certified and experienced in testing business critical functions for a variety of clients ranging from confidential security testing with blue-chip enterprises, testing VR applications with KLM, and Agile testing for market leaders such as Ahold Delhaize and Heineken.

Our team has implemented test methodology and test processes across a range of organisations and business types, for projects that span the very small (just a few days) to very large (yearly releases) and ongoing. This level of experience gives us the ability to deliver big name test consultancy services in and around this area of test and process management at a price significantly more competitive than the big names themselves.

Review our case studies below and see how we’ve helped other clients meet their testing needs.

Our testing services

We’ve got the technical know-how and experience to support your organisation for nearly all of its testing needs. In particular, we offer our test consultancy services in the Netherlands in the following areas:

Delivery Methods

We can provide our test consultancy services for your website or application via several delivery methods. Find out more by clicking each ‘More Info’ button. If you find these all confusing get in touch with us at info@spritecloud.com or via our contact page so we can help you figure out the best solution. 

Remote Testing

Our software testers are very experienced at testing client applications remotely. The COVID-19 virus has forced a lot of organisation to work remotely but fortunately, our testers already have the skills to help remote teams. spriteCloud has been providing testing both remotely and on-site for over ten years. All of our software testing services can be executed remotely.

Ad Hoc Testing

Projects are fixed scope engagements of a predetermined time frame. In other words, we test only what you ask for. Projects can be delivered locally at your office alongside your team or carried out in a remote testing format from our headquarters in Amsterdam or other offices.


Contracting is a method engagement where a tester is contracted to join your organisation to deliver the required testing on a (near-)full-time basis. Contract-based work is typically delivered locally but can also be delivered remotely.

Software Testing Subscription

Our Software Testing Subscription is a monthly recurring package (a Test Stack) made up of a custom mixture of our software testing services. Here you can decide the exact software testing services you want, how much testing you need, and how long you want the subscription. Our Software Testing Subscription allows you to create the best quality products for the best customer experience because it facilitates consistent and high quality testing.

Reported with Calliope Pro

All test results are delivered to you via Calliope Pro, our proprietary test results dashboard. Calliope was designed to make it easy to share, compare, and monitor test results with all stakeholders in one central location. Create a company, upload results, and collaborate more effectively.

Calliope was created for testers, by testers. Give it a try today.

Calliope Pro report

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