Functional testing ensures that your application works for the user the way you intended, and is therefore crucial for ensuring a pristine reputation in the eyes of customers and clients. This test includes manual testing, exploratory testing, and regression testing.

Functional testing and regression testing is a core area of our expertise here at spriteCloud. We handle functional testing and regression testing for digital agencies, full-service internet bureaus, and eCommerce sites, amongst many other types of business. These projects can range from testing short, fast, campaign-driven websites to large-scale, multi-lingual, multi-functional corporate website and mobile applications.


Why outsource testing to a functional testing service?

Your organisation may have the expertise to create beautiful, intuitive websites and apps but functional testing and regression testing is a complex process. While you focus on fine-tuning the customer journey and experience, we’ll do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to make sure your application works as expected across multiple devices, browsers, operating systems.

Your organisation spent so much time and money creating the application, why would you risk the embarrassment of a buggy launch?

Developers don’t make good testers because they have a mindset of creation, our functional testing experts have the mindset of destruction needed to put thoroughly test your application. People who don’t have tester-mindset aren’t as likely to test for usability or for an intuitive flow through the system. They won’t think to try to force the application to do things it wasn’t designed to do.

Our functional testing and regression testing experts can help you ensure that your application works well and that your reputation is safe in customers’ eyes. Use the contact form below to get in touch with us about performing functional testing for your organisation.

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Delivery Methods

Our functional testing services can be provided via two delivery methods that can be mixed and matched to create an overall testing solution that fits your needs perfectly. For instance, you might require one-off functional testing for a final version client website (delivered remotely) or regular regression testing during the development of an eCommerce application (conducted locally alongside your team).  We provide functional testing how you want it. 


Projects are fixed scope engagements of a predetermined time frame. Projects can be delivered locally at your office alongside your team or carried out remotely from our offices in Amsterdam or Kiev.


Contracting is a method of rolling engagement where a tester is contracted to join your organisation to deliver the required testing. Contract-based work can only be delivered locally, typically from within your team.

Presented with

All test results are delivered to you via, our proprietary test results dashboard. Calliope was designed to make it easy to share, compare, and monitor test results with all stakeholders in one central location. Create a company, upload results, and collaborate more effectively.

Calliope was created for testers, by testers. Give it a try today.

A look at how the test results reporting tool works

Functional Testing Services

  • Unit testing
  • Cross-browser/cross-device testing
  • Smoke testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Integration testing

Functional Testing Strategy

Testing the site in each browser/operating-system nominated to verify the visual presentation works in each configuration.

Testing the site in each browser/operating-system nominated to verify the visual presentation works in each configuration.

Testing the site in each device nominated to verify the visual presentation works in each configuration.

Tools-assisted manual testing.

“The activities and techniques for verifying and validating software that has been adapted to run specifically for a specific world geographical region.”

Explicitly testing a website in two or more country locales. Default: One locale only, (e.g. UK-English or process). 

Basic manual front-end penetration testing such as SQL and JavaScript injection.

Testing a web site or web application on various devices and screen resolutions to see if the responsive design works as expected.

Tools-assisted manual conformance testing to international standards. E.g. W3C WAI WCAG, USA Section 508, Dutch quality mark.

Ensure that all plug-in used in the website or application functional properly and within expected parameters.

Social media is a massively important commercial tool these days, which is way we make sure that when visitors comes to your amazing application, they can share the experience with their friends.

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Contact us to receive more information or to request a quote for our functional testing services. Contact us via the contact form below or call Baruch Annink at +31 (0) 646 955 406.