Penetration Testing

Find your vulnerabilities before others do.

Penetration Testing

The internet is still very much the wild west where malicious individuals and “state-sponsored actors” can cripple your business and hijack your data with a few well-executed keystrokes. Whether it is financial information, system passwords, or intellectual property, a data breach can expose your business to an incredible amount of risk. Our penetration testing services can help you keep your information and that of your customers private. Your reputation and your bottom line depend on it.

There are so many ways your security can fail, making the task of finding vulnerabilities during penetration testing that much more critical. Which is why it’s crucial to undertake security testing with our highly experienced security professionals. With spriteCloud, you are in safe hands. We’re the experts at uncovering vulnerabilities through penetration testing (pen-testing), and we deal with your information with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Web application penetration testing

A web application penetration test uses manual and automated approaches to identify security threats or vulnerabilities in your web application. The purpose of this pen-testing is to determine vulnerabilities, possible threats and help identify ways to mitigate them across the whole application and its component parts (database, source code, back-end services). Our team of OSCE and OSCP certified “ethical hackers” use exploits (like SQL injections and XML External Entity (XXE) injections) to constantly probes ways to gain control of your web application; so that you can prevent others from doing so. In other words, fighting the fire with fire.

We offer three approaches to web application penetration testing; to help you ensure the security of your application.

Black-box penetration testing

  • closest to what a real hacker would face
  • tester acts as normal internet user during pen-testing (no knowledge of application)

Grey-box penetration testing

  • combination of black and clear box pen-testing
  • exhaustive pen-tests while remaining close to realistic attack conditions
  • testers are given knowledge of the workings of applications
  • No access to the source code
  • Tests more thorough than black-box pen-testing.

Clear-box penetration testing

  • tester to has access to the source code
  • tester can check the quality of the code
  • not representative of real-life conditions
  • more effective at securing application

Infrastructure/network penetration testing

With multiple computer systems, devices and users, your infrastructure has many points through which a malicious actor can gain entry and wreak havoc. Your company needs network security testing. Our infrastructure, or network,  penetration testing gives you a head start by helping you plug gaps in your defences and ensure that your customer data, intellectual property and financial information remains secure from through threats both an external and internal perspective. Our certified security experts are trained to help you turn your network into a virtual fortress. We offer two approaches to network penetration testing.

External penetration testing

  • identifies possible points of entry into the network
  • assessment of how to secure network

Internal penetration testing

  • finds security issues within the network
  • insights into reducing damage internal actors can deal

Mobile application penetration testing

Just as quickly as mobile devices and mobile applications have become a part of daily life, so too have security breaches and attacks increase in frequency. A major cause of this is the increased time pressures that app developers face to provide new functionalities and bring the apps to market. All these reasons make frequent mobile application penetration testing crucial in order to protect the reputation of your app and your business. Our team of security experts will help you uncover vulnerabilities via pen-testing and secure them.


For more information about how penetration testing can help you secure your applications and networks, contact spriteCloud by filling out the contact form or call Suzan Boland at +31 (0) 615 368 705 for immediate assistance.

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