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We provide a large variety of performance testing services for websites and applications. Read about the performance tests we can offer, below.

spriteCloud is a performance and load testing specialist and an authorised OctoPerf partner. We plan, create and execute performance testing and analyse results to help our customers determine the benchmarks and breaking points of their systems. spriteCloud’s tests help to ensure that when your peak-season promotional campaign takes off, your checkout page doesn’t crash, costing you reputation and potentially millions in sales.

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In today’s world of short attention spans, limited patience, and saturated markets, your website or application needs to provide customers with seamless and enjoyable experiences; otherwise, your revenue will suffer. These issues are only further compounded with mobile devices dominating browsing and online activity.

It sounds sensational, but it’s true. If your product photos take too long to load, the checkout page times-out during payment or your app grinds to a halt during a busy period, your customers get a terrible experience and lose interest in your brand, which loses you money.

What website performance issues can mean to your business:

Poor website performance damages your reputation and it hurts your bottom line.

spriteCloud’s offers performance testing services in the Netherlands and remotely, to provide your organisation with experts who can test your website and application to its limits. We will provide you with actionable insights so that you can use to ensure your customers are happy.

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Types of Performance Tests

Performance Testing

Applying the “Shift-Left” mentally to performance testing means testers and developers can conduct performance testing in the earlier stages of their development cycles when issues are less expensive to correct. This agile approach to testing aligns well with performance engineering methodologies.

For example, one of the leading causes of performance bottlenecks is component coupling. With components relying on each other, the slowest component limits the system’s overall performance, and by decoupling system components by design, you can optimise overall system performance.

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Performance Testing

Depending on your development processes or product, you may favour a shift-right approach to performance testing where testing is more closely tied with DevOps and done after deployment. Realistic data on the performance of the fully integrated system is created and allows for adopting a Continuous Testing culture as a more holistic approach in the development lifecycle.

Utilising automation and monitoring practices, your team can also gain more confidence in your application’s resilience, fast deployment practices, and in delivering continuous quality to users.

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