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spriteCloud is a performance test specialist and an authorised OctoPerf partner. We plan, create and execute load tests and analyse results to help our customers determine the benchmarks and breaking points of their systems. spriteCloud’s performance tests help to ensure that when your peak-season promotional campaign takes off, your checkout page doesn’t crash, costing you reputation and potentially millions in sales.

spriteCloud is a certified OctoPerf partner

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a general term for tests used to determine the behaviour and performance of a system. It checks the performance of the components of these systems by passing different parameters in different load scenarios. A performance test helps to set the benchmark and standards of how an application behaves under normal parameters.

This test helps develop benchmarks for system performance. Using the waterfall methodology, a performance test should be run with each release, continuous testing should be done when working agile.

Load Testing

Load testing simulates real-world conditions to check how an application or website behaves during normal and high loads. This test mainly checks response time, peak performance, and server quantity while these attributes are loaded with expected normal and high loads. This type of test is usually undertaken near the completion of a development project.

This test allows you to understand how many users your system can handle, and how they affect specific areas of your application, like checkout. Load testing should be a part undertaken frequently and therefore integrated into your CI cycle.

Stress Testing

Stress testing checks the stability and robustness of the system under extreme loads and how it recovers from failure. The aim of a stress test is to ensure that servers don’t crash while undergoing a sudden high load for a considerable amount of time. This test simulates a load higher than the expected breakpoint.

Stress tests for websites or applications should be run before important events like Black Friday or the launch of campaigns expected to drive a lot of traffic to a site or application. A slow or down e-commerce checkout could seriously affect sales and reputation.

Our performance testing process

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