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Test automation services in customisable packages

spriteCloud’s test automation engineers are specialists with a wealth of expertise in test automation frameworks such as Cucumber, Watir, and Selenium, amongst others. Our team is ready to lead you to automation success.

Whether you want to get your in-house test automation suite off the ground, or want us to take set-up, development, and maintenance completely off your hands, we’ll use our knowledge of the best processes and methodologies to help you create the finest experience for your team and customers.

Not very clear on what automated testing is? Learn more about it from our Test Automation Guide.

spriteCloud can provide test automation services in the Netherlands and to clients located abroad. Learn more in our delivery methods section.

Test automation is the standard for modern software development projects, especially as the world transitions to Agile and DevOps methods of working. This is because adopting automation testing in your software testing and development projects provides benefits like:

    • saving time and money
    • increasing test coverage
    • widening test scale
    • improving accuracy of tests
    • improving collaboration between tester and developer

That is, if it is done correctly. 

When not implemented and maintained correctly, test automation can drive up costs in the form of maintenance costs, server costs, and staffing costs, due to things like poor tooling choice, and inefficiencies in scripting the tests.

Our test engineers can help your organisation, whatever your needs are. Whether it’s consulting your organisation to help you get a automation team get up and running, or completely managing your test automation suite and reporting the results to you. spriteCloud has the test automation services expertise to help ensure your development team sees all the pros of automated testing and none of the cons. Get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and find out how spriteCloud can help you succeed with our test automation services.

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Test Automation as a Service

Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS) is the focus of our approach because it takes automated testing further. It places set-up, development, and maintenance in the hands of the test engineers, making your testing quicker and much more cost-effective. Your team no longer need to investigate vendors and buy expensive licenses, set up test hardware, or learn new scripting languages. We manage the complete test automation process for you.

Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS) also increases your test coverage to reduce risk and maximise your long-term return on investment. You can quickly assess your applications functionality, freeing up your software testers for those processes that require direct interaction, like exploratory testing.

Need help setting up a test suite or want our experts to handle Automation for you? Contact us using the contact form below.

spriteCloud's Test Automation Process

Test Automation as a Service Process Infographic

Are you thinking about test automation for your software development project but don’t know how to start? Getting in touch with spriteCloud is the first step.

An experienced test engineer from spriteCloud will use the right knowledge and tools to help you to get a clear picture of the automated testing challenge and its possibilities.

Together with the relevant stakeholders, the automation engineer delivers a plan for the test automation approach, to which all parties can contribute and review.

One of spriteCloud’s engineers automates the first test scenarios. Within days, a demo is given that presents the test suite, including the test setup and complete test infrastructure.

The spriteCloud automation engineer completes the agreed scope, and at the end, another demo is given to show the results.

The automated test scenarios are now in the maintenance stage. spriteCloud offers a very cost-effective maintenance service to keep the scripts running and the value of your automated testing investment high.

We can provide automation training and workshops to internal staff to ensure a smooth handover and continuation of automated testing.

The scope can be reduced or increased at any time after the planning phase has begun.

Test Automation Consultancy

If you’d like to host your test automation in-house, we have the solutions and expertise to help you implement automated testing within your company from day one. spriteCloud’s Test Automation Engineers are available to help with your projects on a short and long-term basis, on your tooling or ours. We’ll tailor our test automation process to ensure your goals are met.

We can help with:

  • Conducting a feasibility study to assist you in creating a test automation strategy.
  • Handling the complete setup of your in-house test automation suite.
  • Integrating Calliope Pro into your system for faster results and higher ROI.
  • Maintaining your test automation suite on a short or long-term basis.
  • Providing training in automation testing setup and maintenance, and using Calliope Pro to present results.

Contact us below and learn how spriteCloud can become your Test Automation partner.

Delivery Methods

spriteCloud can provide test automation services to your organisation via several delivery methods. You can hire a full-time test engineer to join your organisation, you can request ad hoc testing for a situation where you don’t test very frequently, and you can assemble a recurring monthly package for consistent testing, the best solution. Find out more by clicking each ‘More Info’ button. If you find these all confusing get in touch with us at info@spritecloud.com or via our contact page so we can help you figure out the best solution.

Remote Testing

Our software testers are very experienced at testing client applications remotely. The COVID-19 virus has forced a lot of organisation to work remotely but fortunately, our testers already have the skills to help remote teams. spriteCloud has been providing testing both remotely and on-site for over ten years. All of our software testing services can be executed remotely.

Ad Hoc Testing

Projects are fixed scope engagements of a predetermined time frame. In other words, we test only what you ask for. Projects can be delivered locally at your office alongside your team or carried out in a remote testing format from our headquarters in Amsterdam or other offices.


Contracting is a method engagement where a tester is contracted to join your organisation to deliver the required testing on a (near-)full-time basis. Contract-based work is typically delivered locally but can also be delivered remotely.

Software Testing Subscription

Our Software Testing Subscription is a monthly recurring package (a Test Stack) made up of a custom mixture of our software testing services. Here you can decide the exact software testing services you want, how much testing you need, and how long you want the subscription. Our Software Testing Subscription allows you to create the best quality products for the best customer experience because it facilitates consistent and high quality testing.

Reported with Calliope Pro

All test results are delivered to you via Calliope Pro, our proprietary test results dashboard. Calliope was designed to make it easy to share, compare, and monitor test results with all stakeholders in one central location. Create a company, upload results, and collaborate more effectively.

Calliope was created for testers, by testers. Give it a try today.

LambdaTest result in the Calliope.pro dashboard

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To request more information about test automation or to enquire about using our test automation services or test results dashboard product Calliope Pro, submit your contact details and message in the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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