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This week, Hozan Said, our new Business Development Manager, talks about his impression of spriteCloud’s working culture.

I joined spriteCloud at the beginning of June and my first impression was really positive. The team wanted to make me feel at home. During the day, the CEO and COO and my new colleagues asked me several times if I was doing well and if I needed anything. It was an amazing environment. What attracted my attention was the mentality: work hard, play hard. Everybody has so much fun together, but they work hard too, so it doesn’t impact the quality of what they do. On the first day, we had lunch together, played table football, and tried out the VR stuff that we are testing. A whole new world was opening up for me! It was amazing to see how much freedom everybody gets, and that there is no hierarchy. They told me from the first day: “Please try new things, don’t be scared. If you fail, you fail and you learn. If you get good results, you will get a nice commission.”

In the past I had learned a lot about software development through my work, but when I joined spriteCloud my focus became software testing. I knew a little about it and was reading a lot on the topic, but in my first week my colleagues showed me how they test in real life. I was given a demonstration of how they test a mobile game on different devices in our in-house test lab, which was very interesting. I didn’t know software testing was that complicated and important. There are so many bugs you can find, and yes, actually, it is true: you need to test your software, NOT your reputation.

I want to spread this message across the world. All companies should test their software, and of course, I have to say: be our guest! You won’t find a more flexible testing partner than spriteCloud. The reason? What the customer wants, we’ll fix it for them. Time? Price? No problem, we’ll find a solution. Plus, we have the best working environment (and me, of course). We’re a diverse, multicultural group of people, and we get along very well. I feel at home at spriteCloud, and I see myself working here for a very long time. spriteCloud’s success is due to the fact the entire team is not afraid to take risks. We are in it together.

Written by: spriteCloud

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