VR Days Europe 2017: what’s happening in the VR industry?

spriteCloud at VR Days 2017

Viewing virtual reality from a developer’s perspective is one thing, but looking at it from a tester’s viewpoint is something else altogether. This is what we aimed to talk about at VR Days this year. Last year we proudly sponsored the event and members of our team went as visitors to enjoy the conference and exhibition, but this year we jumped right in and rented a booth at the Exhibition. Located in a prime spot in De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam Noord, our VR testing team were active participants and had some informative, thought-provoking conversations with VR developers from all industries.

Our main aim? Talk about VR testing and make it available to as many people as possible. Here’s what we found.

Virtual Reality isn’t just for games and entertainment

Dolphin Swim Club at VR Days 2017
The Dolphin Swim Club at VR Days 2017

VR applications are most commonly associated with games, entertainment and marketing experiences, but as we found out last year, these are not the only industries using VR to innovate. VR is increasingly being used in trainings – as we saw in 2016 – but now the healthcare industry is also getting a slice of the pie.

Several of us spoke to medical practitioners and healthcare professionals who were there to showcase their VR experiences, covering a wide range of health issues. From Medisana‘s VR massage to the Dolphin Swim Club’s work in bringing dolphin-assisted therapies to the field of virtual reality, and Leiden University Medical Center’s work in using VR to teach students about anatomy, VR is helping to revolutionise medical education and patient care.

Discussing testing tactics with developers in the field

If it’s any industry that needs the help of experienced QA consultants in the field of VR, it’s healthcare. As VR goes mainstream, there comes a need for professional software testing. What we found out however is that many people weren’t aware that testing professionals were offering VR quality assurance as a dedicated service.

spriteCloud at VR Days 2017
spriteCloud in action at VR Days 2017

“Well, we’re here and ready to help you!” is the message that we spread to as many people as possible. As is a common issue when it comes to the implementation of testing – and not just in VR – there isn’t enough time or budget for it, despite it being a vital part of the development process. The VR industry is young, so it’s not surprising that developers use crowd testing or even test their creations themselves.

But at the end of the day, both VR developers and testers want the same goal: to thrust the industry forward and bring VR to a larger audience. By offering up our testing expertise to pioneering developers and content producers, our end goal is ultimately the same.

Did you meet us at VR Days Europe 2017 and are you interested in VR testing? Don’t forget that we are offering a discount on VR testing services up until January 2018. With a first engagement of at least 3 days in duration, you’ll receive an extra, complimentary testing day included with your testing package. Get in touch for more information and let’s bring VR to a larger audience, together.

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