We eat, sleep, live, breathe bug testing

So I was told when applying for the position of IT recruiter at spriteCloud in Amsterdam.

But first, let’s go back to the beginning. That was the moment I decided to give up my independence and commit myself to a company as an employee. Now, being a bit of a rebel, the challenge was to find a company who actually likes that part of my personality in combination of course with my endless wisdom and knowledge of recruitment 😉

Recruitment is my passion, but that only works in the right environment that suits my personality. And then I saw the vacancy and I remember telling the consultant after she told me about these people, that she was describing my job. It was, because it’s mine now.

When I started last Monday, I immediately felt welcome. At first glance you might think this bunch of people have nothing in common and were picked at random. They are totally different from each other. Then my boss Martin came in with a large box and opened it, there was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. It was made by Leontine in her free weekend especially for me and let me tell you, I am quite picky, but this was the best cake I have ever tasted. We all agreed that she would be the winner of next season “heel Holland bakt”. That would never happen, was her firm reply. (Lucky contenders, they would have otherwise never been able to win.) So we decided we make the cake one of our best USP’s. The cake alone would be reason enough to want to work at spriteCloud.

And then I got it, after talking to my new colleagues. We embrace diversity and we accept and respect each other for who we are, with all the issues and bugs all of us possess and boy, do we have bugs. One person’s bug is the another one’s talent and what bonds and binds us is our obsessive drive for quality and wanting to be the best in what we do, always!

We mix that with good fellowship, humour, passion and the love for good food. E.g. Tuesday is international soup day – we try to soup from around the world.

So now I understand what “we eat, sleep, live and breathe bug testing” means!

Oh, by the way, you bug testers out there, you are welcome to challenge Leontine’s testing skills any time or Andy’s, Mark’s, Martin’s, Daniel’s, Gijs’s, Carlos’s, Claudia’s, Mark’s, Roelof’s, Rubeena’s, Wilco’s or Vamsi’s for that matter. You win? You get your own cake.

Talk to you next week!

Written by: MRC

Martin Cunnington is COO & QA Director at spriteCloud BV. He has over 25 years international IT experience working for and with blue chip clients. Martin has mastered delivering measurable results with new technologies in a variety of senior positions including project, quality, test and production management. He manages time, money, scope, people and processes on a daily basis, likes street art and can juggle.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson (1937–2005)

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