Android statistics chart

In the last Android statistics blog, I made the prediction that Android 7 would really take a larger market share. Obviously that was to be expected. We have seen Android 7 Nougat grow from 7.1% to 13.5% this month. It is not hard to predict that by November, Android Nougat will have reached a solid third place. What is still surprising to see is the slow decline of Android 4.4, losing only 2.8% in the last three months. Android 4.4 is already almost 4 years old, but still holds the third spot in size. So for testing, Android 4.4 still needs to be considered.

Fig.1 Overview by Android codename (click to enlarge)

The version numbers graph shows us that Android 6 is currently the largest Android version by a fair margin. Given the current trend, it will remain the largest version for quite some time, so it should be high on your list for testing. Android 7.0.x is also growing rapidly. When you build for the future, you need to put it high on your priority list.

Fig.2 Overview by version (click to enlarge)

The conclusions that can be drawn are pretty clear. Android 7 and Android 6 are the versions to focus on. Next to that, Android 5.0.x and Android 4.4 are important, but don’t focus too much on these, because their market share is in a steady decline.