Why call it Calliope?

sC: Mike, you named our test automation product spriteCloud Calliope and you titled the introductory article “The Muse that Helps Your Test Suites Tell Their Stories”. What’s that all about?

Mike Feord: Well, Calliope is the muse of epic poetry and story-telling.

The Calliope is a steam-driven organ, and the first industrial machine to play music from music rolls; unexpected changes in the tempo or the pitch of the music alerted operators to tend to their steam engine – lest it blow up!

A muse is one of the many sub-divine, supernatural beings that interact with and influence humans throughout mythology and folklore.

In Shakespeare’s day beings such as muses, fairies and elves were called “sprites”.

And these days, we all live in the cloud, right?

sC: Mike, another question – how do you pronounce it?

Mike Feord: Some say Kally-ope, some say Kall-eye-oh-pee. I’m a sales guy, so I say contact us here at spriteCloud and let’s talk about what it can do for you.

sC: Thanks, Mike.