Now with over 60 team members and offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona, our founders' initial ethos lives on. Regardless of spriteCloud's size, we aim to empower our colleagues with time, resources, and trust to shape spriteCloud into the ideal workplace.

The passion our colleagues have for testing fosters a culture where individuals ask what they can contribute to spriteCloud, not the other way around.

Our dedication to testing and delivering top-notch work has garnered partnerships with renowned brands like Heineken, Ahold, and Adidas, both locally and globally. For our team, this translates to opportunities to enhance their technical prowess through exciting projects and cultivate an impressive portfolio of work experience.

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At spriteCloud, our staff stands at the heart of our mission, embodying the essence, vitality, and diversity of both our company and our clients.

We take pride in our flat hierarchy, which provides our team of specialists with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. Whether they opt for remote work or join us at our delightful Amsterdam headquarters, we ensure support and collaboration every step of the way.

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