Functional Testing for Smooth Software Performance.

We ensure your software meets the functional requirements set during the development cycle.

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We Provide High-Quality Testing Solutions.

We guarantee your company's reputation is protected and ensure your product performs flawlessly in the hands of users by detecting bugs, glitches, and identifying user headaches in the early stages of development.

Our guide on Built-In Quality
Our Functional Testing services significantly reduces software flaws, improving defect detection rates by up to 90% in the past year.
spriteCloud offers a unique service ensuring comprehensive visual checks across devices for your projects. About to launch a new product and need it comprehensively checked at short notice? We’ve been working with digital agencies since we started spriteCloud, so it’s what we do, and we do it best. We know that your reputation is riding on what we deliver — high-quality testing, mostly on tight deadlines, and usually on even tighter budgets. 

Even if your team operates on limited finances, our flexibility enables top-notch engineers to quickly join your scoped client project for as little as two days, focusing on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and beyond.
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Accessibility Testing: We provide guidance to ensure optimal decision-making, resulting in a digital product that prioritises accessibility for everyone.

Accessibility is something that we take very seriously at spriteCloud. Not only is it fast becoming a global requirement for digital products, but providing accessible websites is quite simply the right thing to do!

Conducting accessibility testing is crucial to ensure that your products cater to those with disabilities, whether they have visual, motor, cognitive, or hearing difficulties. spriteCloud offers assurance in alignment with the WCAG A and AA 2.2 guidelines for web content.

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