Pen Testing

Fully Tailored Penetration Testing

At spriteCloud, we listen to your business requirements and put together a tailored service mix that matches your specific needs. We use best-in-class open standards as testing protocols, ensuring that your systems are secure, including the OWASP Foundation, the Web Security Testing Guide, and the MITRE Framework.

How We Work
Once we understand the exact purpose of your penetration test, we craft a solution that layers human ethical hackers and automated machine tooling, to provide you with a comprehensive tailored service.
What you’ll get back is real information in detailed customised reports you can use to mitigate your security risk.

We will walk you through the findings and explain in plain language what the risk is, and re-test, for free — any fixes you make to your top exploits so you know for sure, the exploit is closed.

We then help you understand wider cybersecurity governance and risk programs with CISO and DevSecOps consultants who work together to really reduce your chances of being hacked.

All of our pen testing team are certified specialists, and many of our senior staff are published experts.

Benefits of Pen Testing

1 — Identifying Vulnerabilities

Pen testing helps identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your software development systems, networks, and applications. By simulating real-world attacks, pen testers actively search for security loopholes that could be exploited by malicious actors. This enables you to proactively address vulnerabilities before they are discovered and exploited by cybercriminals.

2 — Assessing Security Controls

Pen testing allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and measures. By conducting controlled attacks, pen testers assess whether existing security mechanisms such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and access controls are properly configured and capable of detecting and preventing unauthorised access.

3 — Enhancing Incident Response

Pen testing exercises help you improve your incident response capabilities. By simulating realistic attack scenarios, you can test your incident detection and response mechanisms, allowing you to identify weaknesses in your response procedures, fine-tune incident handling processes, and strengthen your overall security posture.

4 — Meeting Compliance Requirements

Many industries and regulatory frameworks require organisations to conduct regular security assessments, including penetration testing. By performing pen tests, you can fulfil compliance obligations and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a secure environment for sensitive data, ensuring you meet the necessary security standards and industry regulations.

5 — Building Customer Trust

Demonstrating a proactive approach to security through pen testing can help you build trust with your customers. By regularly testing and identifying vulnerabilities, you can show your dedication to protecting customer data and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems. This fosters confidence and strengthens your reputation in the eyes of clients and stakeholders.

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