Performance Testing

Your Software Put Through Its Paces

Our performance testing service helps you optimise your software's performance under various conditions. If your product photos take too long to load, the checkout page times-out during payment or your app grinds to a halt during a busy period, it can be damaging to your brand.

Through intensive testing, we put your application components through their paces by simulating real-world scenarios and loads. All of this is designed to improve the overall customer experience on your site.
We help you identify and address any bottlenecks or performance issues that could hamper your user’s experience. With our fine-tuning expertise we ensure your commercial applications can handle high site loads without falling over.

Performance and Load Testing can be a standalone service, or best mixed with penetration testing for real value.

Benefits of performance testing

1 — Identifying Performance Bottlenecks

Performance testing helps in identifying potential bottlenecks or performance issues within an application, system, or infrastructure. By simulating real-world scenarios and user loads, performance tests uncover weaknesses and limitations that may cause performance degradation, such as high response times, resource bottlenecks, or scalability issues.

2 — Ensuring Scalability and Capacity Planning

Performance testing allows our partners to assess the scalability and capacity of their systems. By simulating varying user loads and stress conditions, we help determine the system's ability to handle increased traffic or user demand. This information aids in capacity planning, ensuring that the infrastructure can support anticipated growth without performance degradation.

3 — Enhancing User Experience

Performance testing plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and satisfactory user experience. By measuring response times, throughput, and system stability, our partners can identify and address performance issues that may impact user satisfaction.

4 — Optimising Resource Utilisation

Performance testing provides insights into the resource utilisation patterns of an application or system. By analysing CPU, memory, disk usage, and network throughput during different load conditions, we can identify resource-intensive areas and optimise resource allocation. This optimisation leads to better system efficiency, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved overall performance.

5 — Supporting Decision-Making and Capacity Optimisation

Performance testing results provide valuable data for decision-making processes. It enables our clients to make informed decisions about system upgrades, infrastructure investments, or architectural changes based on performance metrics and identified bottlenecks.

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