Our Values

Our values guide our internal workings as much as our attitudes and beliefs when working with you, our clients.


“Doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Quality is above all else the most important value spriteCloud believes in. Deliever quality to your customer, to your team and to yourself. If you can do this consistently, and within reason, you will undoubtedly succeed.


Frequent and transparent communication; sharing knowledge, information and informed opinions with all stakeholders.


Doing what we love with a high intensity. When you love something you do it with purpose, with care, and to completion.


Due regard for the requirements, expectations and value of others. We must show respect to others to earn respect.


We are social, communicative and easy to get along with. We strive to be a joy to work with and a joy to work at.


Meet spriteCloud

spriteCloud is as international as the UN. We’re proud to have staff from all over the world, as well as from our own backyard in the Netherlands. Our diversity brings with it a lot of unique and interesting ideas that shapes the unique and interesting software testing services we offer commercially.

The spriteCloud Board

The spriteCloud Testers

Ahmed from spriteCloud


Alex van der Harst from spriteCloud

Alex van der Harst

Aron Febles from spriteCloud

Aron Febles

Daria Zablodska from spriteCloud

Daria Zablodska

Elias Shikh Alshabab from spriteCloud

Elias Shikh Alshabab

Enes Saka from spriteCloud

Enes Saka

Gijs Paulides from spriteCloud

Gijs Paulides

Jasper van Zanten from spriteCloud

Jasper van Zanten

John Lock from spriteCloud

John Lock

Marco Gorter from spriteCloud

Marco Gorter

Marinos Petratos from spriteCloud

Marinos Petratos

Rajeswari Narayanareddyfrom spriteCloud

Rajeswari Narayanareddy

Roel Wijker from spriteCloud

Roel Wijker

Samé Pawirosetiko from spriteCloud

Samé Pawirosetiko

Serghei Pogodinfrom spriteCloud

Serghei Pogodin

Sergiu Julinschi from spriteCloud

Sergiu Julinschi

Shivendra Singh from spriteCloud

Shivendra Singh

Vamsi Chinta spriteCloud

Vamsi Chinta

The spriteCloud Support Engine

Ana Antón-Pacheco van Rooy from spriteCloud

Ana Antón-Pacheco van Rooy

Baruch Annink from spriteCloud

Baruch Annink

Patricia van Boxtel from spriteCloud

Patricia van Boxtel

Stephan Andel spriteCloud

Stephan Andel

Travis Hatridge from spriteCloud

Travis Hatridge

Your name here?

Do you think you have a lot to offer and would enjoy working with us here at spriteCloud? Have a look at our jobs section and apply to a vacancy.