Launched — 2020

Efficiently testing an integrated multi-brand eCom platform

GrandVision is a global leader in the optical retail market, operating in more the 40 countries, in over 7,000 stores and operating online under many brand names. The organisation offering prescription and non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. GrandVision operates under its own brand name as well as Pearle, EyeWish, Charlie Temple, and GrandOptical.

For nearly a year, spriteCloud testers helped GrandVision with the implementation of their new eCommerce platform MVP. The new eCommerce platform of GrandVision Benelux is built on Bloomreach for content management and Commerce tools with a stateless integration layer integrating with their back-end systems and at group level and with third party suppliers.

…any disruption to this integration layer has wide-reaching implications for many of GrandVisions sub-brands.

Building the system in this way allows seamless integration with inventory systems from GrandVision and its third-party suppliers that can be accurate across multiple webshop instances. This high level of integration reduces the need for duplicate work saving time and money in admin and development costs. However, this also means that any disruption to this integration layer has wide-reaching implications for many of GrandVisions sub-brands.

Websites Tested:,,,

Date project: February 2019 – December 2019

Getting down to business

During the project, spriteCloud test engineers organised and prepared the SUT to ensure a correct feed from external and internal source systems. They also ensured the further processing of successful orders on the impacted back-end and third-party systems for delivery, invoicing, replenishment, etc.

In modern eCommerce platforms, this level of integration is not only massively cost-reducing for the business, but its also expected from customers. GrandVision created a common front- and back-end for its eCommerce platform and simply changed the branding elements to bring the webshops in line with their sub-brands.

spriteCloud also managed the User Acceptance Tests to accept the sprint releases from four feature teams, one integration team and three external suppliers in an agile environment. Due to the complexity of the SUT, this was a crucial step to ensure that the systems worked as expected.

Regression tests of the fundamental processes were conducted in every sprint release to check that untouched parts of the system remained functional and without any failures. Multi/cross-browser tests were conducted to ensure the responsive design’s consistency on the latest versions of the most popular browsers and devices. Identifying these browser and devices versions to test on was based on Google Analytics metrics. The cross-browser and device testing was essential to ensuring a consistent look and feel of content in various languages and locales this eCommerce platform MVP was created to serve.

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