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Our international and social team is eager to meet you. We’re proud to have staff from all over the world, as well as from our own backyard in The Netherlands. Our diversity brings with it a lot of unique and interesting ideas in the field of testing. Get a better idea of what it is like to work at spriteCloud below. Will you be our new colleague? 

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At spriteCloud, we live and breathe testing.

Live and breathe testing.

At spriteCloud, testing is in our blood. Our founding members are software testers, and our SaaS tool Calliope Pro was created “for testers, by testers.” This passion for testing and the high quality at which provide it to our clients has allowed us to work with leading brands both in the Netherlands and internationally. For our staff, this means they get the incredible opportunity to develop their technical skills on interesting projects and build an impressive resumé of work experience.

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Supporting the test community.

We passionately believe that it’s our duty to help uplift the greater QA and software testing community. We do this by spreading our knowledge to our clients, but also by creating useful content and sharing experiences with our fellow colleagues. spriteCloud is enthusiastic about supporting professional learning and development, and every Friday we hold a TED talk style knowledge sharing session we call a spriteTalk.

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Life at spriteCloud is based around our core values of Quality, Openness, Respect, Passion and being Social. We think that it should be as easy to talk to the CEO as it is an intern and that at the end of the week, everyone should feel welcome to get together for a cold drink. While we take our work seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. At spriteCloud, we encourage everyone to be themselves, whether its proudly letting your nerd flag fly or sharing your passion for sport.

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We're Social

We are social bunch here at spriteCloud which means that any excuse to party is a good one for us. Aside from our weekly vrijmibo, vrijdag (Friday) +‎ middag (afternoon) +‎ borrel (informal meetup involving drinks”), we typically host several parties or events throughout the year. Have a look at some photos from previous ones.

It’s a long-standing rivalry, and undoubtedly a question you will be asked in your first week at spriteCloud: do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek? There is no right or wrong answer though.

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The spriteCloud Office

As a tester you will likely spend most of your time working at the one of our many client’s offices. When you are not on assignment, our office will feel like a second home. Join our support staff for lunch, take a break from work with a game of table football, and join us for our weekly Friday drinks and tech talks.

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Aside from interesting articles, we also have a team of software testers that can help your organisation.

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