Employee Stories: Life at spriteCloud


In this interview article, Bhairavi Deshmukh, our QA Engineer at spriteCloud, recounts her thrilling journey into Test Automation and reflects on her personal experiences within the company. She shares what sparked her interest in the field, her aspirations as a team member, and her favored learning methods. Lastly, Bhairavi recalls cherished moments at spriteCloud and offers valuable advice to future testing engineers.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you found your way into the world of Test Automation?

I joined spriteCloud one and a half years ago – at that point, I was already an expert in Manual Testing. Fast forward a couple of years, and I found myself venturing into the thrilling realm of Test Automation. Therefore, I continued my journey in spriteCloud as a Junior Test Automation engineer. While my expertise remains in Manual Testing, I have created many of my projects utilizing Tosca, Java, and beyond.

2. What sparked your interest in joining spriteCloud, and what do you hope to achieve as a member of the team?

The company culture at spriteCloud is fantastic, and so are the people. Even though I am far from my country, I feel completely at home here, surrounded by supportive colleagues who make me feel welcome and encourage me to expand my skills in testing across different areas.

3. How do you find your experience at spriteCloud so far?

I love my journey here so far! While I’m eager to delve into a project that is aligned perfectly with my expertise, I am also glad I have the chance to go in different directions and try out different things. During my collaboration with past clients, I learned a multitude of new tools and techniques. My first testing experience was Accessibility testing, and I can say it was truly amazing, so I have now honed my skills to an expert level in that domain. I’m excited for what’s to come!

4. What opportunities for professional development have you received at spriteCloud and how did that help you grow as a test engineer?

Attending the Dutch class has been an awesome opportunity for us, especially since I was a complete newbie to the language. It’s great that our company provides such perks and professional courses. Plus, I have picked up some handy new tools along the way, which have helped me to grow in specific areas.

5. Could you provide an example of a task you tackled independently during a project, and how did you approach it?

Jamaal, our colleague, guided me as I ventured into crafting a CI/CD pipeline. He pointed me toward some helpful videos and documentation, guiding me through the DevOps journey. Thanks to his assistance, I mastered Playwright, a Test Automation gem, using TypeScript. I even created a small project with TypeScript languages and executed it flawlessly.

6. How do you stay updated on emerging tools, technologies, and best practices in the realm of test automation?

Mostly with the help of Urimi courses, I have been diving into top-notch best practices. Plus, we are set to receive regular updates from the team leads down the road. I am mainly staying up-to-date with courses and platforms provided by spriteCloud. Collaborating with our colleague Sophie on CI/CD pipelines was a blast - we even teamed up to do a project together. It’s awesome how we’re all about sharing knowledge here and learning something new every day.

7. Can you share some memorable experiences in the company that have had an impact on your lifestyle? 

Our recent company meeting was a delight with Indian cuisine -  it gave me such a nice feeling. Seeing my colleagues enjoying the food so much warmed my heart, so it’s a memory I will cherish deeply. The BrowserStack meetings are a great initiative, offering opportunities to connect with a broader network and exchange insights. Additionally, taking part in presentations during these sessions is a great way to sharpen your public speaking skills, too.

8. What piece of advice would you give to people who are just entering the world of testing?

‘’Whatever you do, just do it with a good mindset, don’t rush anything. It’s your learning phase, take as much knowledge as you can, and don’t ever stop practicing’’, says Bhairavi.


In conclusion, the interviewee provided valuable insights into her area of expertise and offered us a glimpse into her life at spriteCloud. Huge thanks to Bhairavi for this engaging interview on behalf of the whole Spriteys team, and we wish her success in her career journey and future growth as a TA Engineer!

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