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Performance Testing Through the Eyes of a QA Engineer


In this interview article, Rashmi KR, our Performance Test Engineer, recounts her journey into Performance Testing and reflects on her personal experiences within the company. Rashmi shares what sparked her interest in the field, her aspirations as a team member, and her favored learning methods. Lastly, Rashmi recalls cherished moments at spriteCloud and offers valuable advice to future test engineers.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you found your way into the world of Performance Testing?

My name is Rashmi and I joined spriteCloud almost two years ago. After six years of experience with Performance Testing, I started exploring a field that was completely new to me - Functional Testing. Then, I gained knowledge of tools that are closely connected to Performance Testing. I wanted to pursue my career in the Netherlands so I moved to Amsterdam and this company provided me with amazing growth opportunities.

2. What sparked your interest in joining spriteCloud, and what do you hope to achieve as a member of the team?

I was eager to explore diverse tools and fields, and spriteCloud provides projects of varying lengths and scope, which I found interesting. Currently, I specialize in end-to-end performance testing, yet I aspire to broaden my skill set even more.

3. How do you find your experience at spriteCloud so far?

I truly like that I need to adapt to various project requirements. Getting different clients all the time is what I find most enjoyable about being here, as it provides me with different experiences with each client.

4. Why is Performance Testing important in the realm of testing?

Even though new tools and changes are happening, it is still really important. Cost-wise, it holds significant weight. It's becoming more and more common worldwide, as things like speed, reliability, and scaling are all part of technological advancement Some testers might say it's not necessary, but when you move to the Cloud, dealing with the costs of slow or unstable products is a big challenge. Making sure applications work well is just as crucial as testing them on mobile or checking if they function properly.

5. How do you stay updated on emerging tools, technologies, and best practices in the realm of Performance Testing?

Instead of spending time to learn new tools, you should know the basic foundation. From a tools perspective, it is more than enough to have perfect knowledge of a few tools. I keep myself updated by creating “proof of concepts”, different courses, workshops, certifications, etc., and some of those certifications are even offered by spriteCloud.

6. How do you collaborate with other developers during Performance Testing activities?

I handle the end-point by developing basic frameworks, which I then provide to developers. I am not directly in contact with development teams, as I am mainly employing black box testing techniques and assessing the system functions from an external perspective, but once I find issues in testing activities I always share them. Communication is key, and it should be balanced. You should know all the details of the defects or bugs and then reach out to the developers. I communicate with them mainly via Teams, e-mail, or book one-to-one meetings.

7. Can you share some memorable experiences in the company that have had an impact on your lifestyle? 

The tech meet-up was the most memorable for me. I am grateful for this opportunity and felt proud of my performance during the presentations. It meant a lot to me because the goal of the meeting was to represent the company, and I’m glad I have contributed as a team member while also standing out as an individual.

8. What piece of advice would you give to people who are just entering the world of testing?

‘’Once you understand the basics, you can easily pursue your career in Performance Testing, because if you know the architecture and back-end systems, it gets much easier and the process is really pleasant. Once you know your applications, then not much coding is needed, but research is key!’


We are so glad to have someone so passionate about Performance Testing, and we are grateful that Rashmi could provide such valuable insights into her area of expertise. Huge thanks to Rashmi for this informative interview on behalf of the whole spriteCloud team, and we wish her success in her career journey and future growth as a Performance Engineer!

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